-The academic program provides a solid foundation of skills and concepts in language arts, math, social studies, science, technology, and the arts. Special subjects including music, art, drama, and an additional language enrich and extend student learning.
-TRAFALGAR INT. SCHOOL emphasizes high academic expectations and attention to the individual needs of students. We work toward instilling positive, confident attitudes that lead students to be persistent and resilient in their learning and in their lives.
-TRAFALGAR INT. SCHOOL offers a curriculum based on current practices and trends in Western countries with adjustments to meet the unique situations of students in Libya. The core curriculum areas are covered in self-contained classrooms in the elementary school and with departmentalization as appropriate for the older students.
-TRAFALGAR INT. SCHOOL’s mission is furthered through the continuous efforts of the faculty to work toward the stated core goals. TRAFALGAR INT. SCHOOL teachers recognize the importance of laying a solid foundation for later success. Students are in the process of developing enduring attitudes about themselves and the world, therefore, the TRAFALGAR INT. SCHOOL curriculum helps them develop a pride that comes from a variety of accomplishments; a sense of joy in learning that comes from meaningful, rich experiences; and a growing ability to be responsible for themselves and others.
-A unique learning experience offered to each student of TRAFALGAR INT. SCHOOL is the opportunity to learn about our host country’s far-reaching history and culture.